What the Future of Cosmetics looks like for CBD

CBD is revolutionizing many industries today. It’s helped us see the benefits of using organic, natural products in different types of businesses like the textile business, the energy business, medicine, and skincare. 

The skin care industry has been around for hundreds of years and it has only become more popular as time passes by. From beautifying people to healing skin problems or conditions, most people in the world use skin care products for something. 

So why is it that so many women use cosmetics on a daily basis?

In a recent study held in theUniversity of the Basque Country, they reported that women use cosmetics mainly for emotional reasons

We mostly use cosmetics as a self-esteem booster and what that can get us. Like, maybe getting men to be more attracted to you, or even giving you more confidence to speak in public. 

Whatever your reason, it is supposed to help you feel better about yourself. 

Am I right? 

The way we use cosmetics has changed over time and a new era has come, and if you’re not convinced, ask Unilever or Estée Lauder what they think about this. 

It is said that from now to 2027 the revenue for CBD skin care sales will increase by 33% from its current rate being valued at  $645 million bucks. Now that’s a shiner!

It is the beginning of the CBD trend for our favorite Beauty products and we have hopped on the wagon.

So what does the Future of CBD look like for the cosmetic world? 

1. More reasons to love CBD 

What do we know today about CBD and skin care?

CBD is now being infused into face washes, bath bombs, creams, and oils. 

These products are effective in relieving pain on aching joints, improving skin conditions like acne or rosacea, all the way to leaving you extremely relaxed after a massage. 

It aids in the anti-aging process helping you look more youthful and beautiful. 

Not only this, but it helps soothe period pains and hemorrhoids.  Who would have thought? 

This is just what we know as of now. CBD is being tested to find what else it can do. 

In the future, we will only have tons of additional information as to what this little magic plant can really do. 

2. More availability thanks to the Openness of the public eye

Yes, CBD is becoming mainstream and plenty of industries and people are becoming more aware of this. 

But the reality is that not EVERYONE knows about this…yet. 

Ever since the amazing story of Charlotte Figi hit the headlines CBD is getting a better reputation. 

This is the story about a little girl who suffered from Dravet syndrome, which is an epileptic disorder triggering around 300 seizures a month. Once she began to ingest CBD they went down to only 2 or 3. 

Now, CBD is not frowned upon, as it was before, and our generation is becoming more and more open to learning about the amazing benefits this can bring to your health. 

Not only skincare health but general wellness.

This mentality will only become more unprejudiced over time. 

Thanks to this openmindedness more and more products will be available in stores, boosting skincare options and sales in the very near future

3. Rapid Adoption by its users. 

 Because people are more open to understanding the potential of what CBD can do to your well-being it is spreading like wildfire. 

Haven’t you heard? The best marketing out there is word of mouth, and everyone is talking about it. From the younger generation to the older one that is also benefiting from the relief it is bringing. 

My mother, for example. She recently had back surgery, one of the discs in her spine broke. She started to use CBD, being initially skeptical because “it came from the cannabis plant”. 

And now? She can’t live without it and has started talking about it with her family and friends. 

And you know what? They all want in on it. 

And just like that, the world is changing its mindset. 

So, the way we are using CBD in cosmetics is just getting started. 

Who knows what else is in store?

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