Whether you train in the gym, on the track or in your backyard, you need the right fuel – ProVantage®!But most of us don’t even come close to consuming the nutrients we need to operate at our peak. Fortunately, ProVantage meets your nutritional needs for both immediate and long-term athletic performance. It’s the edge you’ve been looking for.Work harder. From adding extra reps at the gym to hiking further up that hill — discover the stamina to power through fatigue.

Recover faster. Don’t settle for sore muscles. A precise balance of nutrients can shorten recovery time.

Get stronger. The right protein helps you build higher-quality muscle than you ever thought possible.

Powerful Protein

Protein is essential to building lean muscle tissue. But not all proteins are created equal. Do you know what’s in your powder?Research supports the advantages of plant-based soy protein over other types for fitness. Soy is a complete protein containing all nine amino acids in sufficient quantities to meet the body’s needs. Soy also contains healthy isoflavones — antioxidants that combat cell damage.Another key cell-protecting component of soy is lunasin — a naturally-occurring peptide. Lunasin combats the oxidative stress and inflammation caused by strenuous exercise. The LunaRich® soy powder in ProVantage is a breakthrough nutritional ingredient with five to 10 times as much lunasin as ordinary soy powders.

When it comes to protein powders, athletes have an array of options. But ProVantage is more than just protein — it’s the only high-performance formula to unite such a potent combination of powerful antioxidants and supercharged amino acids. For powerful performance, ProVantage with LunaRich gives you the edge.

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