A Movement in Joint Health

Our joints are the center of every move we make. But according to the CDC, more than 90 million Americans report some type of joint problem. These joint issues make it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle — whether you’re a world-class athlete or simply finding it harder to move freely as you age.

Fortunately, science has discovered an array of nutrients that contribute to joint health. You could mix and match bottles of vitamin pills. Or, you can get optimal levels of more than 20 powerful ingredients in one convenient, highly absorbable Arthaffect shake. No other joint performance formula comes close. Bottom line: Arthaffect works!

Nutrition Breakthrough

Patented Arthaffect combines the best traditional Eastern herbal therapies with cutting-edge nutrients clinically proven to help repair and restore existing joint tissues.

Dual Action

More than simply a solution to a problem, Arthaffect also provides prevention for the future — allowing you to maintain your healthy, active lifestyle.

Short-term relief. Greater comfort means you can continue to move freely. A proprietary blend of powerful herbs including boswellin, ashwagandha and borage oil, works to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Long-term function. Whether you’re a marathon runner or a casual golfer, your joints will suffer wear and tear over the years. Glucosamine and arthred work to protect against deterioration by improving the body’s ability to improve existing collagen and cartilage.

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