How eSports Gamers are using CBD to Increase Cognitive Responses

Competitive Gaming and Why It’s a Big Deal

In 2018 alone, the world of eSports made around $900 million in revenue. Some people deny video games to be a sport, but with that amount of money coming in, we’d have to disagree.

Gaming tournaments have skyrocketed in popularity in the last decade. These events rack in audiences similar to those you’d see at other major sporting events. It has it all, including the endless hours of training for tournaments.

Being a competitive gamer is no joke, it’s a profession that calls for a lot of stress and anxiety. So it’s not surprising that gamers will resort to natural remedies such as CBD products to feel more calm and relaxed.  


The ESL, formally known as the Electronic Sports League, one of the largest competitive gaming organizations in the world, requests random screenings for competitive gamers to see if they are taking performance enhancing substances. 

This also includes cannabis. ESL follows the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) policy, where marijuana is on the banned list of substances. 

But, Marijuana is only banned during the days of the tournament. Competitive gamers are able to recreationally use before and after an ESL event.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most prevalent active ingredients found in cannabis. CBD is a popular component of medical marijuana, given that it does not have psychoactive properties. 

CBD oil is an extract that is used in various products due to its beneficial properties. It relieves pain, reduces anxiety and depression, and have neuroprotective properties. 

Competitive Gaming Training is No Joke

Competitive gamers have some of the most mentally straining preparation regimes for tournaments. Top players in any circuit practice for more than 12 hours a day. The way to endure this training process is to have discipline and much will power. 

Playing at a competitive level takes a lot of muscle memory and hand-eye coordination. Multiple button commands are done every second for extended periods of time. Additionally, gamers have to rely on quick reactions and efficient communication to play at the highest levels.

Being under this much mental strain can cause the athlete to burnout if they are not aware of how to manage their stress.

How eSports Gamers are using CBD to their Advantage

CBD takes the strain off of the brain by interacting with neuroreceptors to induce calmness to the brain. The compound works with Serotonin receptors to reduce symptoms of nervousness such as nausea, pain, and poor sleep quality. 

In that sense, the athlete is going to have more control over their emotions, which leads to making sound decisions, a must have for rapid and hectic tournament gameplay.

The Flow State

CBD is a powerful substance because it allows gamers to enter a state of flow, since it increases focus and relaxation. Being in the flow state will make competitive gamers feel less mentally or physically fatigued because they’re in a strong state of focus.

The flow state is known as the most elevated form of concentration. When athletes are immersed in their gameplay, they will be at a complete advantage against their competition.

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