The Difference Between Full Spectrum and Isolate CBD

CBD has reached much popularity within the recent years. It’s all thanks to its amazing healing properties without the high.

Cannabidiol, aka CBD,  is popular for those who are in search of natural alternatives to today’s medicine. CBD has shown results in reducing pain, anxiety, depression, and even cancer symptoms.

Extraction and Supplementation Methods for CBD

The increased popularity of CBD products has caused its consumers to start asking a very important question. What’s the best method for extracting and applying CBD.

The best case scenario of course would be whatever method that gives you the widest range of medical benefits. 

On the market there’s two very important and commonly used types: full-spectrum and CBD isolate.

Not only that, consumers want to know what’s the best way to consume CBD products for the maximum benefits. 

Considering its utility, It’s being consumed in many forms such as: oral consumption, topical use, and vaping.

CBD Isolate and Full-Spectrum CBD

The only difference between Isolate and full-spectrum is that the first one is an extract of only CBD while the other one also includes other cannabinoids, healthy fatty acids, and terpenes. 

The extra ingredients in a full-spectrum CBD extract come from the whole-plant extraction process. 

Terpenes and other Cannabinoids

As you may know, CBD is one of the 100 active cannabinoids inside of cannabis. This plant also has terpenes, known for their anti-inflammatory properties and are regarded to increase the efficiency of its healing properties.

Terpenes, even though they are not as seen as highly important compared to CBD, studies have shown that these other cannabinoids have effective alleviating qualities. 

CBN, CBG and THCV are other cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and pain relieving qualities. Important to note that there’s always a very small percentage amount of THC present in full-spectrum extracts.

Full-spectrum extracts are preferred by a wide range of CBD consumers because the extra cannabinoids found in Cannabis are incorporated into the products as well. 

 What occurs in this extract is the entourage effect, cannabinoids and terpenes working together to benefit the healing properties of each. 

Debunking CBD Isolate

Most consumers used to believe that CBD in it’s isolated from was more effective and concentrated due to the extract being pure. 

Nevertheless, experimentation studies have shown that full-spectrum CBD extracts usually have higher levels of relief than CBD Isolate. They have also demonstrated that the higher the dosage,  the more effective full-spectrum CBD is. This is not the case with CBD Isolate.

What Matters Anyway

Even though science says that full-spectrum CBD is more effective than its counterpart, this does not mean that you should not use products with CBD Isolate. It all depends on what you’re looking for. 

Don’t discredit Isolate, because there’s a wide variety of situations where you’re going to prefer it to full-spectrum.

One of  the main reasons you wouldn’t want to buy full-spectrum products is because you cannot legally use THC in your area. 

Additionally, the extra cannabinoids may have the possibility of causing negative reactions when CBD Isolate will not present you that problem. So, just in case, always check with your doctor before consuming CBD products!

Sometimes it’s all down to preference. Maybe you just want to vape CBD. Vapes use CBD Isolate, so that’s what you’re going to want to consume if you want to produce some smoke!

Either way, what matters the most is that you consume the CBD products that you want. The positive benefits are still going to be there anyway. Just always be informed about what’s best for you!

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